We are well established Czech family company with emphasis on satisfaction of our customers as well as corporate partners. The company is on the market de facto since 1996. However, in 2008 the company was renamed and entered market as JM servis s.r.o.

JM servis s.r.o. focuses on a comprehensive range of service activities, customer support activities and sales in the area of consumer electronics and domestic appliances. Our service portfolio includes warranty and post warranty repair services, customer support services, sales of electronic products and reverse logistics services.

Our product portfolio includes repairs of small domestic appliances, irons, microwave ovens, water treatment units, large domestic appliances, flat panel TVs, audio systems and tablets. We cooperate with leading global manufacturers and provide reliable warranty and post warranty services for their customers.

In our activities we utilize our twenty year experience with repairs of electronic products. In our performance, we try to use the most efficient and modern service methods with emphasis on cost-effective processes. This enables us to provide our customers with excellent services at reasonable costs.

JM servis s.r.o. is authorized service partner of following brands


VAT: CZ28089961
Tel: +420 381 215 260

JM servis s.r.o.

Svépomoc 682
391 02 Sezimovo Ústí 2
Czech Republic

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